Lucas Chan

Marbles and Building Blocks (2015)

Two of my favourite toys growing up were legos and marble tracks. These two toys really allowed for you to use your imagination to create something yourself. There was always satisfaction in building something yourself and seeing if it would work properly.

Magna Track

Magna track is a toy that lets kids use their imagination to create different shapes and routes along a board. The board is metal and the pieces are magnetic so they easily stick on and come off. The general idea is to create a track with the pieces and navigate the marble along pieces without the marble falling off. However the nature of the toy allows you to play with the pieces however you want. You can create a continuous loop or just have a track from one side to the other. You can also you the pieces as walls and have the marble slide along the board. Overall, the idea of the toy is to allow children to use their imagination to build their own creations.

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